Postal 2: Paradise Lost is an expansion to one of the greatest games ever made, Postal 2. It was released in 2015 by RWS to make up for the trainwreck that was Postal 3 (RWS cares). It is a sequel to the events of Postal 2 with it occurring 11 years after the original game. It is pretty much identical to Postal 2 but has some extra stuff in it that make it just something else to Postal 2.

Just in case anyone reads this and hasn't played Postal 2 or Paradise Lost, go to some other site because I'm not going to hold back from giving spoilers. Warning over.

Quick Character walkthrough: The Dude - Epic main character, "The Antagonist" before it was cool

Champ - The Dudes dog, gets lost or taken to the pound every other week

The Bitch - The Dudes bitch wife, never got her rocky road


So, after the Dude and Champ drive out of Paradise after Apocalypse Weekend, Champ sees a cat on the road (one the Dude hasn't used as a silencer...yet) and jumps out of the car window. Because the Dude doesn't want to lose Champ again, to a Nuclear Fallout, he drives back to get him but of course his head wound (which he got by shooting himself in the head to escape the Bitch) makes him crash the car and get knocked out. When he finally wakes up, 11 years later after seeing visions of a 'dark future', he realises he has to find Champ and that begins the week-long search for Champ.

You get the usual enemies like cops, rednecks and average civilians but you now get new ones like gingers (bet none of you can say you have a cameo in a postal game), survivalists and last but not least, piss robots! RWS really is a family friendly company. These enemies are all in factions with leaders like Zach King (former child star, only cinematic Postal Dude), Osama, Mike J, Big McWillis (controls the coal mine) and Gary Coleman. So, you play through the game, do all of missions, become a homicial maniac and then the end of the game happens. You are given two options, one is to be a pussy and escape Paradise the easy way then another nuclear fallout happens or you do the other, which is kill all of the faction leaders and become THE POSTAL GOD. It's your choice, but I think you can see the better option.


As I've explained the plot, I might as well tell you some of the lovely PG things you can do in Paradise Lost:

Smoke crac- I mean health pipes

Excecute people with a revolver, wild west style

Piss, a lot

Max Payne your way through it with some catnip and Habibs Power Station Drink

Meet (and kill) the Bitch

Whack Gimps with a dildo

Bomb midgets in a coal mine

See what happened to the Postal 3 devs

Slice peoples heads off with a boomerang machete

Sing at a karaoke bar (Just like Duke!)

Use WMDs to explode people

Kill two former child stars

Go Postal!


I'm not going to be putting in the weapons from base game Postal 2 as that just seems counter-productive. Also, I'm lazy and don't want to put all of them in so..I'm just going to put in some of the new weapons and pickups that come with Paradise Lost

You didn't think Civvie would be in here? Well you sure are wrong!