Bloody Knife

PEOPLE FAKING MENTAL ILLNESSES TO SEEM 'QUIRKY'! i've never understood why people do this. they mainly do it with things like DID, ADHD, tourettes and autism because those are the 'trendy' mental issues to fake now. previously it was anxiety and depression, now it's this. do they think that having one of these disorders makes you a more interesting person? it doesn't! maybe to the quirky tiktok hivemind that these people surround themselves with, but to the general public they're just an average person. it's laughable to see people try so desperately to fake complex mental illnesses and most of the time it's just pathetic because they can't even do a good job at it! i feel bad for people who actually have DID, tourettes, autism, etc because they have to deal with these idiots taking the piss out of things that they struggle with. another thing that i find pretty funny is that most of the people that fake stuff like this refuse to see a psychologist to get diagnosed as then they'd get 'fakeclaimed'.'s almost like they don't want to see someone about their super real and completely not fake disorder because then they'd be found out as a fake! interesting that....

FILM REMAKES! why can't people think of original plots now? all that is coming out now is reboot, remake and pointless character backstory. disney are the main ones who do this, making shitty live action films to suck the money and soul out of the original film. aladdin didn't need a remake, nor did beauty and the beast! i think disney learnt their lesson with live action films after the car crash that was mulan. "no, we don't need to make the main character realistically strong like in the animated film, just give her superpowers because why not!". horror movie remakes are often awful as well, although they don't get talked about as they are so shit. did you know they did a remake of carrie in 2013? neither did i! film executives just love to milk all of the good things from a classic film (carrie, aladdin) and then throw them out for a remake.

THE CONCEPT OF BEING 'UNPROBLEMATIC'! i said i would do this one, and i'm a man of my word. all the time i see twitter thread after twitter thread saying "why you shouldn't support *celebrity*/why *celebrity* is problematic: a thread" and usually the reason you shouldn't like this person is "they said a slur in 2013 when they were 15" or "they said faggot in 2016" or even dumber reasons like "they laughed at an edgy joke". what people think is being "problematic" has been watered down to the point of stupidity. if you choose to be in the public eye now, you must erase everything you ever did before that point and turn into a near faultless saint so you don't get an army of 14 year olds shreiking that you aren't unproblematic because you said a slur or supported someone 'bad' 7 years ago. i remember something a few months ago when a generic minecraft youtuber was called out for liking a 'problematic' streamer 3 years ago and he didn't stand up for himself, he cowered to the might of these 14 year old stans! the internet has now degraded to where grown adults will bend to these fans to try and keep their seemingly "unproblematic" status. that shit is even more pathetic than the concept of being "unproblematic". why can't people just be honest with these stans and tell them that no-one is faultless and that everyone has done something bad in their life, even if they say they haven't.

PEOPLE TRYING TO BE OPPRESSED! people are turning life into 'the oppression olympics' now. every 5 seconds someone is trying to say they're oppressed because they use xir/zem/whatever the fuck pronouns and no-one respects them. same thing happens when someone feels annoyed at someone else and turns it to "uhm i'm gay so you arguing with me is homophobic". everyone who whines about being so oppressed usually are just some sheltered kid that has never really ever experienced oppression. sure there are some exeptions but most of the time they are all like that and they are all called kai, ash or aiden. try telling people who were at stonewall or fought for lgbt rights that you are oppressed because user18375648282958 called you a fag or a tranny over the internet and that that is homophobic abuse, i'm sure they'd be real sympathetic. honestly, just accept like you're normal like the rest of humanity and get over yourself.

SUBSCRIBER BEGGARS! when i watch youtube, i expect the normal 'like and subscribe' bullshit that only takes 5 seconds but now some retards have decided to go "oOh gUys oNly 47.654321% oF yOu aRe sUbsCribEd sO pLz sUbsCriBe pLz". i don't care what percent of people are subscribed to them and i'm less likely to do so because of their whinging about how "no-one subscribe to me plz subscribe". also, channels with 2+ million subscribers do this as well! don't you have enough fans?! shitty youtubers, they're everywhere!

LIVE SERVICE GAMES! why is every games company hell bent on creating a live service game? probably because they want the same money rockstar gets from gta online. live service games just drain the gaming industry. even with good single player campaigns, you always get a shitty online 'experience' bundled in with it full of £4.99 weapon skins and item packs. remember the shitshow around battlefront 2? that should have made companies think twice about making these types of games but nope! they just keep being releasing, each one being more unfinished than the next.

OVERSIMPLIFICATION! i mean that with corporate logos. recently windows 11 was announced and the windows logo was just turned into a square with the little lines through it! do companies sit down and go "y'know what, this logo that we've had for 10+ years just isn't enough! the consumers are so stupid that it really needs to be oversimplified so much for them to even know what it is!". oversimplified logos have only really become prominent in the last 5-6 years with companies making awful minimalist logos that they'll think the public will love. newsflash: no one likes them! i know that me, a teenage retard on the internet isn't going to convince major corporation no.264 to change their logo but c'mon, no-one likes this shit.

INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAYS! these are the type you see plastered around instagram with some piece of shit saying "win £500 worth of whatever if you like this, follow me, and tag 3 friends below!". you never see anyone win this shit and all the people that actually do the shit that is being said are just delusional. it's like the lottery, sure maybe someone wins but 99.99999% of the time, no-one does! all those giveaways are like a goddamn plague to everyone, and the people that do them aren't helping much either!

THE GLITCHCORE BUNNY HAT NEOPRONOUN PEOPLE! there is a special place in hell for those fucks. they are so uninteresting, mainly because they gain all of their personality from social media. their favourite words seem to be 'ableism' and 'gaslighting'. and don't forget if you even slightly disagree with them you are called an 'OmG rAciSt nAzI fAcIsT'. everything is ableist to these types, and this is coming from me, a guy with both ADHD and autism! even providing a way to read their often seizure inducing typing quirks is called ableist and when you say that it isn't they say you are a master manipulator. it's impossible to reason with these people because they refuse to even listen to someone with any other opinion that is one bit different from their own. with neopronouns, i usually say to each their own. y'know if it doesn't affect me, i don't give a shit but if you unironically want to be referred to as xir/xim or pizza/pizzaself (not kidding, i've seen that one before) then that's just making trans people look like a joke! this small but vocal minority is making everyone else hate trans people because of their neopronoun idiotic bullshit! the glitchcore shit is annoying too, with it looking like some kind of manic acid LSD trip. it makes me feel high even looking at it! everything about these fuckers are stupid and i hope in 5 years they grow up and cease to exist.

THE UK GOVERNMENT! i don't generally like government as a whole, but the i especially hate the UK government. everyone there is incompetent and can't do their job. half of them are off having affairs instead of doing their jobs and the other half can't even do their goddamn jobs properly! this man is our prime minister. look at the fat fuck! he can't run a country! the entire british government can fuck right off. a dog could do a better a job at running this country tham those idiots.

ALL THOSE DISNEY 'GIRLBOSS' MOVIES! companies now seem to be hell bent on making films where the main character is some 'feminist icon girlboss' type. the concept of a female lead isn't bad, but the way it is done is so bad. the worst example of this was cruella. the entire message of that film was 'grr take down the rich' but in reality, by the end of the film, cruella turns into the goddamn rich she was fighting against! not to mention all the male characters are either comedic relief or purposeful dickheads to show cruella as some 'strong woman who takes down all these stupid men'. oh and let's not forget the token gay guy they threw in for 'representation'. when will movie companies realise that you can make good female characters without turning them into some feminist icon. ripley from aliens, trinity from the matrix, sydney from scream, all of these are female characters that don't have a message attached to them!

HYPERPOP! i usually don't like to call music noise, but hyperpop is just that. it isn't some "groundbreaking genre of music that's the future", it's someone screaming into a microphone, autotuning it and putting some ear rape synths over the top! sure, a couple songs weren't too bad, then EVERYONE starting jumping on it thinking they were going to be some kind of millionaire producer by making this shit. and of course, the edgy 'alt' crowd began listening to that shit, then it spread like a goddamn plague. i can't wait until hyperpop dies, although then it will just be replaced by something worse.

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN! i downloaded it once to see what the hype was about, AND IT'S SHIT! it's basic rhythm game bullshit. now everyone is modding the damn game to make it even more shit with their own "creative flair". if you want to play a good rhythm game that isn't shit, go play vib ribbon or parappa the rapper. don't subject yourself to the shit that is friday night funkin.

WHEN PEOPLE SCREAM AT YOU FOR HAVING A DIFFERENT OPINION! this happened to me today. i was with my 'friends' and someone brought up the creator of fnaf being a trump supporter or whatever and saying "he's SUCH A TERRIBLE person you should NEVER buy his games EVER AGAIN!" and i said "well if the games are good i'll get them, personally i don't care about the politics of the guy that made them" and they all looked at me as though i'd just gouged my eyeballs out in front of them! those people view themselves as progressive too! how hypocritical. it's more intolerant to not listen to another point of view than just say the same deal over and over again, and surround yourself with people that say the same thing! it's better to hear a different opinion as it just might broaden your opinion on the subject and give you new insight. but no, just stay in your little insular bubble.

PEOPLE WHO BLARE THEIR MUSIC OUT OF THEIR CARS! you may think your music taste is great but i doubt anyone else will if you blare it out of YOUR GODDAMN CAR! sure, it's ok to listen to your music inside your car, but keep the windows rolled down so NO-ONE ELSE HAS TO HEAR IT!

ANTI-VAXXERS! i was watching a show about them a couple days ago and they just piss me off! "the toxins from the vaccines will absorb into our brains and give us all autism, even our children. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?!?!". and that's not even an exaggeration! those dumbfucks genuinely believe that! i think all anti vaxxers should be wiped out, which won't be too hard to do since they could probably die from the common cold. just give one of them measles and in a week, they'll all be gone! haha! they will probably be wiped out anyway because the kids of those fucks will die as soon as they get out of the hospital. honestly, anti vaxxers are the dumbest of the dumb, and i'm saying that in a world where influencers and fake activists exist!

THE ROYAL FUCKIN FAMILY! i really hate those fuckers. they do nothing except bring in tourism for the uk. "oh but they're so great and the queen is so nice and they just make the uk" I DON'T FUCKIN CARE! they care more about harry and meghan fucking off to the us than prince andrew being best mates with epstein. so do the people that loooooovvvvvveeeeeeee them. makes my skin crawl, the amount of people that love those fuckers. for all that i care, they could all rot. the uk is better off without them. fuck the royal family!

'TEA' CHANNELS! they are basically the modern day equivalent of gossip magazines like hello. y'know the type you see in service stations talking about some dumb celebrity. well just imagine that but in video form. that is basically a tea channel except rather than talk about dumb celebrities, they talk about dumb influencers! honestly, who the fuck cares what some random tik tok person is doing? really? who? sick of those channels clogging up youtube.

THOSE 'VIDEOGAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE' FUCKERS! every time someone becomes an hero or commits a crime, some politician goes 'it's the videogames fault'. there was something a couple months ago in ohio where some senator or something was going to ban GTA because there was a spike in carjackings. what a dumb fuck! oh yeah sure videogames made them do it, not the living situation they were in or the way your government was treating them! honestly, it's the same as blaming 'satanic' music for murders. you can't blame crimes on the shit someone listens to, or the shit someone plays. sure, if a kid plays SMCRPG then goes and does what they did in the game then yeah maybe you could say "the videogame was a factor" but if someone commits a crime then there's probably something more going on than "videogame makes crime videogame bad".

GEN Z! i don't know if i've mentioned this one before but here goes: i hate most generations, millenials, boomers, gen x, whatever the fuck. maybe it's because i'm apart of gen z that makes me hate it so much. so much of gen z is just whiny fuckin hypocrites and over sensitive pricks. most of them originate from tik tok which isn't that suprising because tik tok is basically tumblr 2.0 and we all know what great things came from tumblr. hopefully those fucks are going to grow out of it by the time they hit 20 but seeing that some of these oversensitive pricks are over 20 makes me lose hope.

HOROSCOPES! horoscopes are only for braindead people who think that every aspect of their personality is based on what the stars looked like when they were born. i was on spotify this morning and saw they were doing 'horoscope podcasts'. 'you're going to become a billionaire overnight because when you were born because the stars were aligned and the moon was in full orbit when you were born'. BULLSHIT! i'll also lump this in with this manifestation trend on tik tok. for those blissfully unaware, the oh so revolutionary gen z now think that if they write something down a fuck ton of times, it will come true! to be fair, millenials probably do this too but aren't as stupid as to put it on social media. no, just writing down that that you're going to get laid doesn't magically make it come true. fuckin retards i swear!

DANGANRONPA! GOD I HATE THAT SHIT! it has created the worst of the worst in terms of fans. usually i would reserve that title for dream stans but nope. danganronpa has given every depressed 'edgy' genderfluid 14 year old the opportunity to go 'OMG I KIN *insert danganronpa character* OMG OMG". don't even get me started on the cosplay. y'know sometimes cosplay can be done right but not with this shit. who's gonna tell them that they all look like shit? not to crush anyones dreams of becoming some anime boy but c'mon. it's basically the same type of shit as homestuck back when that was big except without the grey body paint. and get this: the same fans who 'kin' characters (i hate those people that kin other shit but that's a whole other thing) say on their carrd or tumblr 'DNI if you're a *character* kin because i kin *other character*' you fucks do realise kinning someone doesn't mean that they are that character? i've seen the term 'terminally online' being thrown around in regards to these people and i couldn't agree more. idiots, the lot of them.

SHIT SHOWS ON TV! tv is just a shitshow at this point. singing shows, gameshows and dating shows just control the air, punctuated by some news every couple of hours or the regular soap like eastenders or holby city. and the concepts for those shows aren't even that good. there are two shows that are the LAZIEST shit i've ever seen! one is 'naked attraction' where the entire premise is some person comes in and judges who they would date on their dick size or pussy! then they strip themselves and show their own dick or pussy! whoever signs up for that shit must have a luka magnotta sized ego. another is a show called 'i can see your voice' where a group of d-list celebrities (and the token spice girl) judge who they think can sing by looking at them. it's stupid! whoever signs up to that show must either be a show-off or wants to be made fun of on national tv.

CANCEL CULTURE! cancel culture and general social media is why ted kaczynski was right. controversial statement i know but it's true. i despise cancel culture and anyone who participates in it. oh someone said the word retard 7 years ago? how dare they! they must be harassed and driven off the internet because they are SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSON! honestly, cancel culture is vile, especially as the people who participate in it view themselves as righteous and like saviours when in reality, they are the bad people. cancel culture is what happens when you give 14 year olds a twitter account and give them free reign of the internet. i hate it!

FAKE 'ACTIVISTS'! those people only really care about an issue when it's cool and they can get social media points over it. take BLM for example. last summer everyone was going on and on and on about it because it was all in the news. now, no one gives a shit! it stopped being cool to talk about and fake 'woke activists' couldn't get points off of saying 'racism is bad yeah'. one issue stops being cool then another one takes its place. first it was BLM and ACAB, now it's the israel palestine shit. i bet in a month or so, the so-called 'activists' will fuck off to some other cause to get woke points.

PUNK WANNABES! now i know i've already talked about yungblud and trust me, he is a punk wannabe but there is someone else who i HATE who does the exact same thing. MGK or machine gun kelly. i saw this one comment saying eminem bullied mgk into going pop punk and i could not agree more. he's 31 but still acts like some edgy 'it's not a phase mum' 14 year old. IT'S PATHETIC! don't even get me started on his music because it is so bad. it's like if blink 182 and sum 41's music was about 100x worse and with some shitty 'rapper' over the top.

PEOPLE WHO CREAM THEIR PANTS OVER LEO DICAPRIO! every time he's in a movie or i watch a movie he's in in class all the girls (and a couple boys) go BATSHIT when they get a glimpse of him! not saying i hate leo dicaprio he's a good actor but HOOOOLLLLYYYY SHIT are the people that scream when he's on a goddamn screen ANNOYING! if any of you have watched romeo and juliet with friends or in class you get what i mean. one of my teachers said that we were watching inception next week and the amount of people going "oMg lEoNarDo DiCaPrIO iS iN iT oMg" was INSANE!

DNI LISTS! do you really think some MAGA 2024 white supremacist dylann roof type fucker is going to go to some dream stans twitter or carrd and see "DNI: racists, homophobes, transphobes" and go "aw fuck i really wanted to talk with them but i guess i can't because of their DNI list". THEY'RE POINTLESS! most of the shit that has come out of the new era of stan culture and social media IS pointless!

HYPOCRITES! you can't say you're against something and do the EXACT SAME THING! i had an experience with one today with this girl in one of my classes. she was complaining about how "i hate everyone in this class they're all so loud and annoying" which, fair point most people in that class are annoying but then she got all of her friends to sit with her and jesus fuckin christ they were so loud AND annoying! fuckin hypocrites the lot of 'em!

DREAM AND HIS GODDAMN STANS! dream is what happens when someone gets famous and they don't have anyone around them that gives them criticism. he has this group of friends that are just a bunch of yes-men that only got famous off of him. don't even get me started on his fans. they are worse than those kpop fans because if anyone dares to say 'dream bad lol' then they go after that person. it's pathetic that dream gets his rabid fans to do his dirty work. also he definitely cheated in his speedruns. no doubt.

ALL THOSE DUMB COLUMBINE COPYCATS! you know the ones i'm talking about. some are alright like pekka-eric auvinen because he had a personality other than 'i love eric and dylan now i'm gonna shoot up my school'. they're hypocritical because they think they're soooo original however by copying eric and dylan you are being UNORIGINAL! HA!

DAVE CULLEN! oh look now i'm talking about columbine. but really i HATE dave cullen. he doesn't even deserve the title of a researcher because all he does is say how bad eric harris was all while sucking dylan klebolds dick. we all know you love him dave! i emailed him last july to say how shit his book was and he said 'oh you can't cherry pick details to say eric wasn't a psychopath i spoke to an fbi person and all the evidence points to it' FUCK YOU! you don't even have to be a fangirl to realise that eric wasn't a psychopath. IT'S COMMON SENSE!

WHEN THE ONLY THING SOMEONE TRYS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IS BEING BI OR TRANS! there is this one specific person who i know who does this and it really pisses me off! do they not know that i have a personality apart from that? talk to me about doom or postal or some other crap i like and that'll be better than 'omg someone said the t slur how do you feel???'

WHEN SOME SHIT FAST FOOD PLACE GETS MY ORDER WRONG! is it really that hard to make a burger, chicken nuggets, chips and a coke without fucking it up?! i guess not for these fucks who have got my order wrong for 3 FUCKIN WEEKS!

ALL THOSE SHIT TEEN ROMCOMS! they're all produced by Netflix and they all have the EXACT SAME PLOT! the only thing that's different is which overpaid teen actors they get to play the starring roles!

TECH CEOS! I absolutely DESPISE those fucks like Elon Musk who say that they are so self made and independent when reality we all know that getting a couple million from your parents is not 'self made'.


RACISTS! i don't see the point in racism. really, i've never understood it. some guy thinks he's superior because of some pigment in his skin. ha! at least say you are superior than other people because of something worthwhile, like intelligence or athleticism, not something as pathetic as your skin colour.


PEOPLE WHO CAN'T USE TECHNOLOGY! we live in a modern world with modern technology SO FUCKIN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! i'll cut some slack for people who are older and didn't learn when they were young but if you're my age or a few years older LEARN HOW TO USE A COMPUTER YOU FUCKIN RETARDS! GAAAHHHH!!

SELLOUTS! YUNGBLUD is a good example of a sellout. i used to listen to him back in 2018 when his music was actually good but now all he does is produce shitty music for his audience that loooovvvveeeeeessssss him. i hate him and sellouts in general!

'INFLUENCERS'! DO THEY NOT REALISE HOW DUMB THEY ARE?! they go out and live their rich and famous lives even though they got famous from doing nothing (NEWSFLASH! Speaking to a camera or doing a repetitive dance to a shitty song isn't talent!) people also seem to reeeeeaaaallllyyyy love them and even if they say they don't, THEY ARE! every goddamn day you see at least one person saying 'ooh look what *insert 'influencer' here* did' I DON'T FUCKIN CARE! why should i give a fuck about what some famous fucker did or posted. i don't know them, they don't know i exist, why should i care! 'influencers' are nothing but dickhead famous people that'll be forgotten in a decade.