ALERT: I will be saying spoilers for the films I talk about, so if you want to watch them, BEWARE........

I have watched two films recently but I'm only going to talk about one of them. I watched Suspiria, the original version, not the remake. I didn't know anything about it going in, which made it a lot better to watch. It was an odd film, very A Clockwork Orange-esque with the lighting and the music. The lighting fit in with everything and the music was very atmospheric to the tone of the film. I expected supernatural stuff and the staff at the school being involved in some witchy shit but I didn't expect the whole "101 year old woman is actually alive and has possessed everyone in the school" thing. My favourite scene was probably the scene where the girl accidentaly jumps into barbed wire to try and escape the school, as it is so unexpected and quite hard to watch at some points. I would recommend this if you are into the supernatural.

Zombieland was amazing. I never knew Mark Zuckerberg survived a zombie apocalypse! It was very funny, especially with Woody Harrelsons character. I did think that one of the main characters was going to die, because that always happens in apocalypse movies, but it didn't! Also there's a sequel, so I don't think it would be convinient for them to die. I don't think I have a favourite scene because the whole film was really good. Thoroughly recommend this, 5/5.

LA. Confidential was extremely good. 5/5. It was in the same kind of setting as LA Noire, or LA Noire was in the setting of LA. Confidential. It was great seeing the whole story evolve and open up to this conspiracy that the LAPD was running the underground mob. My favourite character was Edmund Exley because of the way his character develops through the film. He starts off as this ambitious weasel-looking character then ends up as this decorated police lieutenant that has exposed a national police scandal. My favourite scene was probably the interrogation scene in the police station as it first shows the development of Exley and is also pretty suprising and cool.

Trainspotting was good. I already saw it last year but have forgotten some stuff from it. I watched it with quite a few people which made it a bit better than watching it alone. I also watched The Hurt Locker which I thought was also really good. Some bits were a bit slow (the sniper scene) but that had to be done to raise tension and make the film more intense. I'm not sure what my favourite scene was but I think it was the bomb difusal outside the UN center. Overall, very good film.

I'm not sure whether these count as films but I'm going to count them anyway. I like Louis Theroux documentaries and occasionally watch a couple and over the last few days, I watched "Americas Medicated Kids" and "Saville". One was about kids being medicated for ADHD, Asbergers and other disorders that are affecting them and "Saville" is about an old and disgraced UK TV personality called Jimmy Saville who was exposed as a pedophile after his death. I would say "Saville" was the more interesting one as it shows how the public were decieved into not believing that all the claims about Saville were true and how Saville acted in the public and in the private. I'm not sure how you would watch this if you aren't in the UK but I recommend you do if you can because it is so much better and more interesting than your bare bones "True Crime Doc".

I have now seen 2/3 of the Vietnam trilogy. Apocalypse Now was brilliant, especially as I have the redux DVD version with extra scenes. Full Metal Jacket was brilliant, Apocalypse Now was brilliant and I hope Platoon will be the same! I knew what was going on a bit more as well as I did the Vietnam War for History but some of it I really didn't know. Loved/liked all of the characters and would watch it again in a heartbeat. 5/5, would definitely recommend. I also rewatched Singin' in the Rain this morning, and I will make no secret of saying that that is also one of my favourite films. I'm not gonna pretend I'm some violence/gore obsessed Tarantino freak, I like musicals too! The songs are all good, the characters are all good, it's just a nice film to kill a couple hours with. Also 5/5, would definitely recommend.

There are 3 words I can use to describe Sleepaway Camp. Predictable, bland and mediocre. I've wanted to see this film since I saw it on some WatchMojo video 6 years ago and I am slightly disappointed. Sure, I already knew the 'big reveal' that Angela was Peter (although you could guess that from a mile off) but after the 1st death, I knew exactly who would die! That's one of the deadly sins of a horror movie, predictability. If you want to watch this sure, I'm not stopping you, but just be prepared to be underwhelmed. 3.5/5.

I watched a film called 'The Dry' earlier and didn't like it that much. I don't like those type of films that are slow and boring, especially modern dramas. They just drag on and on and on until the climax of the film isn't even worth it for how boring the build up is. A few days ago I also watched Akira. It's different to what I normally watch but I enjoyed it. I liked the cyberpunk/neon aesthetic of it and the animation was really nice as well. Would recommend Akira, wouldn't recommend The Dry.

I don't know why, but quite a lot of the films I've been watching are Scorsese films with Robert DeNiro in them. What a funny coincidence. I watched Cape Fear yesterday through a recommendation. It was alright, it had Juliette Lewis who I only know from From Dusk till Dawn and Natural Born Killers. Half of the time I expected her to whip out a shotgun and shoot Max Cady there and then! Yeah, it was alright. I guess I'd better add that to the list of "Scorsese/DeNiro films I have seen". Would recommend to someone else.

Two entries in one night? I must be crazy! Since I can't sleep, I thought why not talk about Taxi Driver like I alluded to in another post. To start of: Taxi Driver is my favourite film. You may think that Natural Born Killers is but as much as I enjoy the gratuitous violence, Taxi Driver just has something else that makes it my favourite film. The character of Travis Bickle is very complicated, is he a mentally disturbed man who seeks revenge on the system that he views as failing him, or is he a morally ambiguous man who does the right thing, but through the wrong methods? Who knows, but you can make your own judgement as you watch the film. Personally, I view him as both. Travis seeks revenge through his planned assassination of Palantine, who he sees as the manifestation of the society he lives in (cue 'We live in a society') and also an important figure to Betsy, who he views as 'just like the others' after her rejecting him, but after meeting Iris (and failing to assassinate Palantine) he tries to help her escape from the situation she is in but does it through morally grey reasons by killing the pimps who keep Iris in the situation she is in. There is also the question of the ending, and whether, like The King of Comedy, it is just in Travis' head or whether he is viewed as a hero by all (including Betsy) for helping a 12 year old girl escape from prostitution. For me, I think that Travis' is viewed as a hero by the media for his actions, but does not meet Betsy in his taxi and is only imagining it after his actions have been praised. All in all, I think that Taxi Driver is a story of a man that originally seeks revenge on those who have failed him (politicians, etc) but then changes his point of view to help those who have also been failed in the way that he has (e.g. Iris). Sure, Travis isn't someone to aspire to be or a typical hero by any means, but he does at least do some good, even if it is done by the wrong reasons. I heavily recommend you watch Taxi Driver if you haven't seen it already (It's less than 2 hours, so not that long) because it is a great film, both through plot, soundtrack, cinematography, script and of course, characters.

Joker really did rip off Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, the latter of which I watched yesterday. The King of Comedy is about the dangers of celebrity worship, which is a pretty good message, even now. Rupert Pupkin is so obsessed with becoming this hot-shot talk show host that he kidnaps his idol (an actual talk show host) to get on his show. I liked it, due to both the message and the story though after watching it I really saw how Joker got 'inspiration' from it. The whole thing about Arthur wanting to be a talk show host then shooting Murray in the head? That's almost exactly like The King of Comedy! But, enough about my annoyances with Joker, I could do a whole thing in here about them. Back onto the King of Comedy, it's both uncomfortable and interesting. Uncomfortable because you see Rupert time and time again, being rejected and not getting the point and going back only to be rejected once again and interesting because you want to see what happens. There are these sequences which show Ruperts delusions with what he thinks will happen with Jerry (the talk show host) and you are almost tricked into believing they are real, but then you get shocked back to the reality, which is that Rupert will never see his delusions come to life and will only gain his desires by illegal means (kidnapping Jerry). Ha, for a 4.5 star film, I sure do have a lot to say about it.

Forgot to talk about Fight Club and Dawn of the Dead. Fight Club was great, I liked most of the characters but Edward Norton's was the best, no doubt. I knew there was a plot twist, but I didn't know what it was and I think that's the best way to watch it. You know something's coming, but you don't know exactly what. I'm not sure what my favourite scene is because with most films I rate 5*s I can pick one certain scene but with Fight Club there are a lot of good scenes, so it's tricky to pick a certain one. I will say I enjoyed the slow progression of the forming of the group and what it did in the end. Dawn of the Dead was also good. The zombies looked dated but really funny. My favourite scene from that had to be the one where the SWAT guys get inside the supermarket and then trick the zombies so that they can get away with loads of stuff. Very smart and also funny. The bit where a biker gets his organs ripped out was also good, although I was suprised that there could be that much gore in a film from the 70s. I'm not going to talk about Taxi Driver or Life of Brian, as I rewatched those and I don't see a point in talking about them. I will probably talk about Taxi Driver later as it is my favourite film.

I have watched 3 films since I last wrote anything here. Well, two were True Crime documentaries but eh, counting them as films. Friday the 13th Pt2 was alright, just a generic slasher though it was funny seeing the guy in the wheelchair getting macheted-to-the-face. I thought he was going to get Texas-Chainsaw-Massacred when they showed that chainsaw in one shot. Chekov's chainsaw, that was. The true crime docs were suprisingly better than most Netflix true crime crap. One was about Dunblane (1996 Dunblane School Shooting) and the other was about the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe, killed 13 women in the late 70's-early 80s). I liked the one about the Yorkshire Ripper better as it focused equally on the case and the reactions of people from it. The one about Dunblane did something quite interesting, as it was both about Dunblane and Sandy Hook (Both were Primary School shootings) and showed it from the perspectives of two priests who had to deal with the aftermath of both shootings. Pretty interesting, wished they'd given some more context for the shootings themselves but can see what they were trying to do.

Carrie was pretty good. I hadn't seen any of the scenes from it apart from the opening scene and the prom scene (everyone's seen the prom scene) so I knew what it was about but didn't really know what any of the plot was. Also didn't know that John Travolta was in it, pre-Grease or anything. Although I did give it 4.5 stars on letterboxd, I do think that it is slightly overrated. Sure, it's the best of the Steven King adaptations I've seen so far (Stand by Me, Misery) but it isn't the amazing feat its made out to be. The character of the mother was pretty funny, especially with the prayer cupboard and line of 'let's burn it (the prom dress) and beg for forgiveness'. General opinion: Would watch again.

I watched the Fear Street films, the ones that are on Netflix anyway. I went into it expecting it to be shit because the opening scene of the first movie really doesn't give you hope that it's going to be good (A teenage school shooter type stabbing his friend a la Scream? C'mon I could get that shit watching Scream 2) but I was pleasantly suprised! It had suprises, but not that many scares. Didn't really expect any from a cheap slasher movie parody so I guess that's not too bad. 1st movie, would watch again. 2nd movie was less good than the first, it did carry on the general storyline of the first movie but it still wasn't great. 2nd movie, would watch again if I had to. Although one thing I did like about both movies was the gore and special effects. Much more blood than I would expect for a Netflix horror movie, even if it is an 18.

Today I'm going to mix it up a bit. Rather than doing a review of a film I've watched, I'm going to list off my favourite movie characters, which I don't think I've done. So here it is in no particular order:
  • Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver
  • Pvt Joker - Full Metal Jacket
  • Mickey Knox - Natural Born Killers
  • Clear Rivers - Final Destination 1 and 2
  • Neo - The Matrix Series
  • Alex Delarge - A Clockwork Orange
  • Mr Orange - Reservoir Dogs
  • Sidney Prescott - Scream Series
  • Clarence Worley - True Romance
  • Jimmy Conway - Goodfellas
  • Mark Renton - Trainspotting

The Seventh Seal was good. There aren't many films that talk about religious doubt, moreso about how religion is either amazing or terrible. It makes you think, and I like films that do that. After watching it, you sorta step back and look at everything. Although, I wouldn't say it was amazing. Some bits confused me but at the end I did get it and have this moment of realisation. Definitely recommend.

Watched 2 films today. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and American History X. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a copout, only one guy gets hacked to death with a chainsaw! That kinda sucked, but the rest of the film was good. I watched that in the morning and then American History X in the evening and let me tell you, that was a 5 star film. I really liked it because it was a great story. The only thing I knew about the film going in was it was about neo nazis and the main guy is William Atchisons Kiwifarms profile picture. It was definitely suprising but still really good. The scene where they took down all the nazi posters was, to me, one of the most powerful scenes in the entire movie. 10/10, 5 Stars, whatever you want to call it.

I've really been on a film-watching spree lately. Speaking of sprees, I watched 'Rampage' directed by the magnificent Uwe Boll. I can't talk about the film without talking about Uwe Boll. A few things about him are he challenged his critics to a boxing match, his most famous video on Youtube is him telling everyone to fuck off and here are his views on bronies. So insightful. Anyway, back on the film, I would say it was like those shitty school shooter movies but it's about a mass shooter so that sorta takes it out of that category. Generally ok, would watch it again if I had to.

I watched Thirteen. Y'know, the film that 13-16 year old girls watch and base their whole personality around. It's in that subsection of 'Films that people see on social media and think are amazing' which is not a good section to be in. The films that I think are part of that are 'The Craft', 'Thirteen', 'Megan is Missing' and 'Ginger Snaps'. These films usually are in the horror/drama genre and have teenage female leads that are witches or have something to do with death or general dark stuff. But on Thirteen, it was pretty mediocre. Sure, there were some good bits but overall it was underwhelming. But then again, I don't think I'm the target demographic for these types of films.

I had nothing else to do this evening so I watched The Boondock Saints. It was good, very good actually but not as good as some of my favourite films. The bit where Willem Dafoe gets up in drag (not joking) made me laugh as I had to do a double take to realise. My favourite scene had to be the one where the brothers drop through the ceiling and shoot all those russian mob guys. Very cool.

The films I've been watching lately were pretty mediocre. Blade Runner, Blair Witch and The Doom Generation. Blair Witch was just cheesy and had all of the typical found footage cliches, although being the first film of its type it was bound to have all of those cliches. Blade Runner was decent but not enough to make me think it was some amazing wonder of cinema. It was impressive how they got those city shots, especially in the 80s. Doom Generation was ok, but the only good thing was Skinny Puppy being in one scene and Nine Inch Nails playing in the opening scene.

Woo, Starship Troopers was GOOD! It was kind of cheesy but the action in it was THE BEST! Nothing is better than watching a bug get blown up by a super-nuke, although my favourite character has to be Ace. Yeah, he's a bit of a dickhead but he killed 113 fuckin bugs and you can't deny that that is cool. Rico was just a bit meh for me, although still a cool guy. Didn't think I'd be seeing Neil Patrick Harris in an Nazi-style uniform though. Go look it up, it's true!

Wow, 2 Mafia films in 2 weeks? I watched Goodfellas last night, and I liked it a lot more than Godfather. Maybe that was because of Joe Pesci stabbing a guy 6 times in the first 5 minutes. Was that a spoiler? It is the opening scene so I guess not. I thought it was going to be longer than it was but it was only just over 2 hours. I'm not sure what I think about the ending, but I think it tied the story together ok-ish. My favourite quote has to be "YAHOO, YA MOTHERFUCKER!" though as it is a pretty funny line.

The Godfather was alright. I knew I recognized Al Pacino from Scarface, which I haven't yet seen. I found it to be a bit too long, so much so that about 2 hours in I had to leave for a couple minutes then come back to get a break. I'm probably going to watch The Godfather 2 in a couple weeks as I don't want to watch it straight after I've seen the first one, especially as the second one is about as long as the first.

As I bought a Matrix Movie Boxset today, I thought I'd watch the Matrix Reloaded. Also watched The Animatrix but that was just okay. Anyway, The Matrix Reloaded was decent. Wouldn't say it is as good as the first Matrix film, but that film is great so it's expected that the sequel won't be as good. The car chase scene was amazing, although I'm pretty sure I watched it in an english class once.

Today was a good day for films! So, I did want to watch Apocalypse Now but I realised it was too long to watch before I had food then I wanted to watch Starship Troopers but the thing I was watching it on kept on lagging so that was gone. Finally, I decided on watching Full Metal Jacket because hey, I've only seen one of Kubricks films so why not watch another? Full Metal Jacket does deliver. Go watch the bathroom scene with Pyle, Joker and the drill seargant and you'll see what I mean when I say this film is GOOD. Pyle does a great Kubrick stare, I've gotta say. Probably the best I've seen. Still gotta watch The Shining though even though I know quite a bit about it already.

So, to start the month off, I watched Cruella. I'm not sure why I watched it apart from the fact that I was going to watch a review then thought "I may as well watch the film as to get no spoilers if I ever did want to watch it". It's basically your average shit Disney live-action reboot, except now they're doing a dark origin story on a hated villian. It is dogshit, the plot is dogshit, the lines are predictable, the cast has all the tropes you would expect for a live-action origin story and to top it all off, you can see that Disney were trying to cash in on the 'edgy girlboss' thing. The ending is stupid and basically undoes the events of the entire film by turning Cruella into the exact thing she spent the entire film fighting against! Don't watch this pile of shit, really, don't subject yourself to viewing something so bad.

Watched Parasite earlier. That was a fuckin weird film. As my Dad said "It pulls you right to the edge then takes you right back to the beginning" and I think that is very true. This scene is a perfect example. If you watch the film you get a better understanding of why this part is so tense. You think that all is safe but then the girl texts the boy hiding under the table and you suddenly think it is all going to come crashing down.......then it doesn't! The ending was so strange but I recommend the film, especially as I gave it 5 stars on letterboxd.

South Park was pretty funny. Funniest bit in the entire movie. Some of the references were a bit dated but what can you expect, it was made in 1999. It has the same social correctness of Team America, which is expected as Team America was made by the same guys that did this (Matt Stone and Trey Parker). As it says on the back of the box, don't watch this if you are easily offended but I recommend it.

I haven't watched any noteworthy films recently but I'm updating this to talk about the films I bought. Yeah, yeah I'm gonna be looking down on you peasants who can't afford DVDs no-one wants. I bought 8 DVDs today. Here is what they are. No, I did not willingly buy Independence Day Resurgence, I didn't look at the case properly and thought it was Independence Day. Also, I have seen only one of these (That being Inglorious Basterds) so I am very excited to watch all of these over the summer. My small collection has grown with it now looking like this and this. Will (hopefully) be watching one of the new ones tonight, maybe the South Park film as it's short. I'll update this with a review of what I watch!

I watched Reservoir Dogs again earlier, but I did watch A Clockwork Orange last night and it was so good! There are loads of films that try and do 'social commentary' and fail (*cough* Joker), but I think only 3 have done it really well, those films being Natural Born Killers, Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange. I really liked A Clockwork Orange for the way it portrays freedom and the control that governments have over others, also the 'Ultra-Violence' but that's a given for me, senseless violence is always something good in a film if it's done right. But back to the film, I highly recommend it to anyone who has a couple hours to spare but if you can't deal with a bit of Ultra Violence, then hey don't watch it.

I watched quite a few films today. Two of them I watched in class so those don't really count but I did watch Nightcrawler which was certainly something. The main character reminds me quite a bit of Travis Bickle but more cold and logical. I think that guys name was Lou Bloom, though I can't be sure. It showed a weird insight into a morbid subject matter, but I do highly recommend if you're into that type of thing, or you have a crush on Jake Gylenhaal.

This morning I watched a very strange Czech comedy film. It was called Daises for anyone interested. I regularly watch a TV show called 'Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema' and last night was watching the episode about Cult films and saw this one was on there. I thought it looked interesting and decided to watch it this morning and man it was weird. Not going to say too much about it only that it is one of the weirdest films I have seen this past year.

Haven't updated this page in a while so I thought why not. I watched Silence of the Lambs yesterday and holy shit was it good. If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about. Especially that one scene where Hannibal is in the cage and the cops come to bring him food. I'm also 99.9% sure that Buffalo Bill was based on Ed Gein. Y'know the guy that made a woman suit and a nipple belt? Yeah him. Pretty sure he was used as inspiration for Norman Bates though that might have been H H Holmes. My favourite scene was this one (the one I mentioned earlier) because it is just great. While watching it I said "Creepy character, great performance" about Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter. Would strongly recommend, unless you can't stomach the skinning of people or cannibalism. Then don't watch it.

I watched Fargo yesterday. No offence to people from Minnesota but jesus christ Minnesotan accents are annoying as fuck! The start was a bit slow but it picked up the pace by the half way mark. I was told beforehand that a woodchipper would make an appearance and I was not dissapointed. I can see why the woman playing the police chief got an Oscar. I may not like cops but her performance was pretty good.

I forgot to talk about Battle Royale. I'm sure that the Hunger Games is just a cheap ripoff. The only difference between the two films is the language that they are in and the fact that in the Hunger Games the people don't know who they're killing. At least Battle Royale didn't have the 'I volunteer as tribute' bullshit or the shitty love story. They could also get away with using guns and bombs which made the film GREAT! There is this scene which I can't link because Youtube is a bitch but it is in a Lighthouse and it is one of those 'Calm before the Storm' moments. Honestly it's my favourite scene in the entire movie. Tarantino says it's his favourite film which I'm suprised by because it didn't feature that many feet shots.

The Social Network was alright. Nothing too special. I watched a Louis Theroux documentary last night about Nazis which I found morbidly interesting. Seeing a woman and her two kids draw a swastika on their kitchen floor then dance around it is something I didn't think I'd see on TV. Louis Theroux is pretty cool though, I've watched quite a few of his documentaries.

The Terminator was pretty good, not the best film i've ever seen, but not the worst. apparently the sequel is better, so i guess i'll be watching that next week. in the mean time, i might watch mulholland drive which i said i'd watch a couple weeks ago but never did.

Taxi Driver wasn't that bad for a film made in 1976. My favourite scene was probably this one as you think that a certain thing is going to happen then it switches completely and you don't know what's gonna happen next. The ending confused the fuck out of me though, much like Donnie Darkos ending.

I watched Team America: World Police last night. It was really fuckin funny. This scene in particular made me laugh out loud. I like how it was made by the guys who did South Park because I also like South Park. I'm most likely going to watch the South Park movie or Mulholland Drive this week.

I bought some DVDs from CEX last week and they arrived on Friday. The Final Destination Thrillogy was the best one. They put a 'Death Clock' on the Final Destination DVD and it said I would die on 17th August 2017. Maybe I am just a ghost....ha! Robocop was also cool as fuck, I liked the scene at the beginning which I won't spoil. Gonna be watching Team America World Police on Friday but I might watch other films throughout the week.

I watched Pulp Fiction (again) and Hardore Henry yesterday. Pulp Fiction was better than Hardcore Henry, although Hardcore Henry was still good. It felt like FPS the movie. I have a list of about 50 films to watch which should keep me going for ages. I'm hoping to watch Robocop on Wednesday. Hopefully that will be good as I am not watching Scream 3.

The Matrix was very cool. I liked the shootout in the hall area near the end. The general premise of the film was pretty good to, 'The Matrix' being a dream world and everyone being unaware of the real world. Sounds like my life. Ha!

I watched Scream 2. Sidney really doesn't have the greatest luck. The reveal at the end was really shit, sure you could guess the first guy quite easily (I did pretty early on) but the second reveal was so unexpected that it was stupid. There was no clue you could guess that unless you'd watched the film before.

I watched The Thing on Saturday. The SFX were dogshit but what can you expect from a film made in 1982. Was suprised at the bit with the defibrillator, even though I'm 99.9% sure I've seen that scene before in some youtube video. I'm thinking of watching Scream 2 this Saturday, so hopefully that'll be decent. I'm watching Lost Highway tonight as well.

I have to find another series to watch after I finish Final Destination 5. Maybe the Saw series as that has seven films. I might just look up 'good horror films' and see what comes of that. I haven't watched The Exorcist yet, or Silence of the Lambs. I have a lot to watch.

Final Destination 4 was not the best one in the series. The deaths were a bit too stupid which is both impressive and bad. C'mon, in what world would a guy have his intestines sucked out of his arse via a swimming pool? Yes, that actually happens in the film along with other weird shit. I think either Final Destination 2 or 3 are the best ones.

I have currently been making my way through the Final Destination series. They're good films if you just want to laugh at the various death scenes. I'm probably going to watch more horror films though. Maybe Halloween or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Those sound fun.

I watch quite a lot of films. I like horror and action films especially the ones from the 80s and 90s. That is definitely represented in my favourite films list. I do also other genres of film such as the classic films from the 40s and 50s.