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screenshots from DOOM II

my DOOM character

doom stuff

use the normal gun for zombiemen. they usually drop clips so you can keep up on ammo. use the shotgun or super shotgun for imps. they get killed instantly from getting blasted by those fuckers~!

i finally finished ultimate doom after about a week. i died loads but at least i did it. gotta go onto doom 2 next!

if you motherfuckers want a challenge do doom on NIGHTMARE! its almost goddamn impossible but holy hell is it fun

ive been on some servers and in general they are ok, i just HATE that all the deathmatches are bots.

played some doom 2 for the first time in about a month. i forgot how good it is! i might make a map again. CATALYST wad got deleted. rip. as i've said in my thoughts page i'm gonna make a new one over christmas if i can. hopefully it'll be just as good!

GOOD NEWS! i found a backup of my CATALYST wad which has the map i designed in it! i've been working on it as well so hopefully i can be able to finish it by sometime in january

i spent all of yesterday playing this game called abysm. it's a doom mod but since you don't need a copy of doom to play it i view it as it's own game. i've put it on my links page for anyone to try out (although you will need a copy of gzdoom to run it). it's basically a fantasy rpg, but doom style. it's fuckin sick.

yesterday i managed to record some DOOM gameplay on my computer via OBS. the file size is pretty big but i should be able to edit it and then put it up on youtube

i am thinking of adding another map to CATALYST. i know a bit more about map design and so i should be able to make a pretty good map. i also switched from doom builder 2 to gzdoom builder which is MUCH better

it's been a while..i am probably going to make a map based on the drugstore scene in natural born killers (which happens to be one of my favourite movie scenes ever!). i drew out a plan for what it should look like so that means it's basically 25% done already. the other 75% is all the other shit like texturing, building shit and actually making the map in doom builder. i probably should learn how to make doom builder lighing green but i'll find out.

man i did say i'd make that map didn't i. how times change...anyway i've been busy and put out my GLADIATOR map which didn't take that long to make. unfortunately i have lost the notebook with the drawing of the drugstore map which is a bitch but yeah i'll probably think of a map idea soon though.

so after many many many many many months, i have finally made the map for BLOODSPORT. i already drew it out a couple days ago and just needed to made it in doom builder. now all that's left is the texturing, putting monsters in, putting doors and lifts in, and all that other shit that makes the map look really cool.

i never ended up making BLOODSPORT. shame. i don't even know where the drawn out version is now. anyway, i finally made another big map, like CATALYST. it's based off of alien and starship troopers and is called STARBASE, originally spacecool.wad. you can check it out on my doom wads page. it is probably the most complex map i've made as almost everything in it has been changed or modified. i started making the map with no idea how to add custom enemy sprites, let alone weapon sprites and now you can play as a starship troopers infantry soldier in my map!

links to eric harris' wads. uaclabs is the only singleplayer one.

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